Imagine That! takes the preschooler on a musical
journey of discovery and exploration…a journey limited
only by the power of imagination. Pretend play activities
are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling,
movement, and literature to capture the preschooler’s
potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy
skills, creativity and individuality.
Designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and
imaginative children ages 3 to 5. More focus will be given
on pitch matching and solo singing. Children will be given
opportunity to play pitched instrument as well as participate
in rhythm instrumental ensembles. We also explore musical
concepts such as beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo in
songs and dances. The parent and child have fun
participating together in the last 10-15 minutes of class
during Sharing Time, where they'll also learn about Home
Activities they can enjoy together throughout the week.

What A Parent And Child Will Experience In Class

  • Pretend Play Pretend play activities are integrated
    with music, vocal development, storytelling, listening,
    movement, and literacy aspects of each class. When
    based upon a child’s real life experiences, pretend
    play helps develop language, sensory, motor, and
    cognitive skills.
  • Musical Variety and Singing Activities include a
    mixture of musical genres and styles and provide a
    setting for children to explore their many voices and
    to use a “singing voice.” Singing helps with memory
    and recall, physical development, creativity, and
  • Storytelling and Literacy Each class is built on the
    development of a story, so you’ll hear preschoolers
    search for the word to say what they mean and try to
    keep up with their busy minds, emerging wants,
    needs, likes, and dislikes.
  • Parent Involvement Preschoolers are learning to be
    self-sufficient in a group setting of peers, while many
    times still needing the emotional security provided by
    a parent. The preschooler experiences both in
    Imagine That! Caregivers participate in the last 10-
    15 minutes of class. Plus the At Home Materials
    ensures the learning continues at home with each
    child’s best teacher—the parent!
Imagine That (3 yrs - 5 yrs)
Toys I Make, Trips I Take
(10 lessons, 45 min. per lesson)                        
Tution $255.00 (including $55.00 material)                
Toys I Make, Trips I Take --
Think of it like taking a course inside a child’s
imagination. We’ll use the theme of a toy shop
to make our pretend-creations, using rhythm and
songs with every imaginary saw, hammer, and
nail. The result is building the preschooler’s
sense of a sequence of events, which is good for
storytelling, as well as making his ideas a reality.

Home Materials: Two books—If I Had a Big Blue
Boat and Tippity Tippity Too, Toys I Make, Trips
I Take Play Set, Two Home CDs, Family Activity
Book, and a drum.
NO Class
Kindermusik Imagine That!: Individuality and Independence
Parent or Caregiver is required to attend class
with the kid. We believe parent or loving caregiver
is a child’s first and most important teacher.
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