• Learning to solve problems constructively.
  • Development of listening skills that focus attention.
  • Invitation to be expressive, increasing creativity.

  • Opportunity to develop body control during movement activities.  For example, during free
    dances, young children practice balance while walking and experiment with new movements.
  • Older children have the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills in art activities.

  • Children practice sharing and cooperation during instrument exploration activities.
  • Singing game give children the opportunity to learn social patterns, interact with others in a
    positive way, and learn to communicate more effectively with others.

  • The ritual of singing the welcome and Goodbye songs at the beginning and end of each class
    provides children with predictable structures and contributes to their emotional development.
  • Interaction with other children in a positive environment helps children develop emotional
    intelligence -- the recognition and management of unique feelings, developing empathy, and the
    handling of relationships with others.

  • Expanded listening repertoire to include music of many styles.
  • Opportunity to explore and play different instruments -- freely and to a song or beat.
  • Children experience the basic elements of music including tempo, dynamics, tone color, melody, and

  • Through story time, children learn to value and enjoy reading.
  • Enhanced language and speech skills through songs, chants, and rhymes.
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